$20 per Team

Hysterium Escapes has set up these Road Rally events to be done with friends and family.  Please practice Social Distancing and follow state and local guidelines.  Also, please do not break any ordinances or laws of any kind while participating.  Follow speed limits and road rules.

We have tried to make this fun and not easily solved by using the internet by verifying that our solutions to the clues and puzzles must be visited and involves getting out of your cars as well for solutions.

Be the first to find the solution and you will win $200 in area business gift certificates.  There are consolation prizes as well.

Welcome to the Road Rally by Hysterium Escapes.  The first of a series we plan to do. Fort Wayne is first.  Other cities coming are Auburn, Decatur, Bluffton, Huntington, Columbia City, & Kendalville.  Have fun!