the office of secret agent 22 (10 MAX)

Date Night - The Missing starlet  (2-4 max)

Date Night - The Missing starlet  (2-4 max)

Serial killer sleuth (4-8 MAX)

Date Night - The Missing starlet  (2-4 max)

This escape room is a haunting experience that is not for the faint at heart!

In the Serial Killer Sleuth, you and 3 to 7 of your friends are locked in an unidentified location. You have been left for dead, and you have 60 minutes to escape. Will you make it out in time?

Designed for teams of at least 4 to a maximum of 8, this real-life exit game forces players to use logic and teamwork to discover the way out. Players must solve intense riddles, endure physical challenges, and find the key to escape before their 60 minutes are up.  If your group is less than 4 players at the time of the escape is to happen, you will be moved to another room,

Difficulty Rating: 5 out of 10

This escape room theme is our most popular for date nights. Step back in time to 1952 – the Hollywood golden age! Elvis Presley played on the radio and Dragnet on the television. You have entered the dressing room of a famous Hollywood starlet, but she is nowhere to be found!

Upon further investigation, you discover that the starlet may have been murdered. Is she the girlfriend of the elusive Secret Agent 22? Did Agent 22 flee because he was a suspect of murder?

Perhaps the starlet is not dead at all?
You and your date have 60 minutes to crack the case and escape the room before the possible killer returns.

Difficulty Rating: 5 out of 10

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NOTE: Each escape room is open to others unless you purchase the entire room. If the room’s available seats are at less than full capacity, we consider the room to be partially booked. Even though it is fun to play with friends and family, we encourage our players to join with strangers and have fun making new friends.


Two Identical Rooms – 44 and 88

In this escape room theme, you have 60 minutes to gather the appropriate information for the FBI to properly identify and locate Secret Agent 22. Upon entering his father’s office, you find that a booby trap has been triggered and you and your friends are locked in! Can you solve the clues, find the flash drive, gather the information, and diffuse the bomb before you are blown to smithereens?

This real-life exit game is designed for teams of up to 10 players. A new kind of interactive experience, The Office of Secret Agent 22 makes players use logic and teamwork to find the way out.

Will you get the information and escape in time?

Difficulty Rating: 8 out of 10