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Team Building Activities - Fort Wayne

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Team Building Activity Price is per person
Team Building Activity with Team Assessment Price is per person

Team Building & Group Activities in Fort Wayne

Events will do The Office of Secret Agent 22.
Room 44 and 88 are identical and can hold a total of 20 people with 10 in each room.

Hysterium Escapes brings Fort Wayne, Indiana, a brand-new escape room team-building experience. The goal of our team-building activities is to have employees work together and find success. At Hysterium Escapes, each group will be divided into teams. These teams have 60 minutes to escape from one of our themed rooms. They will try to find clues, enter codes to open locks, and solve a variety of other problems in order to escape. Find out if your team/s can work together to ESCAPE in less than an hour!

Perfect for team-building activities, we offer our identical “The Office of Secret Agent 22” escape rooms so teams of 10 or less can compete with each other and race against the clock at the same time.

To facilitate our escape room team-building activities, our staff includes three former HR Team Development and Team Process trainers with a combined 40 years of experience. Our staff members will also debrief the teams after they are done in the escape rooms. To further enhance the team-building experience, we also include reports using MBTI, Social Style Assessment, or StrengthFinder. Hysterium Escapes is the only escape room in the area offering this service.

Anything else is just a fun team activity and can be booked directly with us or online.

There is a major difference between team activity and team process.

If you are looking for just a regular team activity, feel free to use our booking page to schedule your group or team’s escape from any of our rooms.

Corporate Team Building

By now, your employees have had plenty of experience with the common team-building activities. Hysterium Escapes has the perfect exercise for teams to work together and SUCCEED! The key to all problem solving is communication. During our challenging and fun escape room scenarios, co-workers will help each other to build cohesiveness among the team. While we can accommodate up to 10 people, 8 is the most comfortable. Once your team is divided into groups, the lock is set on the door and the clock starts. They have 60 minutes to interpret clues, solve puzzles, and escape. Escape room team-building activities are the number one team-building event in the USA right now.

Team Process & Assessment – We Evaluate the TEAMS and their teamwork!

Each room is equipped with video cameras and sound. We watch and evaluate the team, record their interaction, and facilitate a debriefing with them and discuss the strengths and skills they used to solve the room challenge. You can then use our report to help your team or company enhance their future endeavors and challenges that are ahead.

Price Includes:

  • Social style assessment that each team member will complete online ahead of time
  • Welcome event with rules and challenges explained
  • ESCAPE ROOM – Secret Agent 22 in Room 44 or 88
  • Full TEAM debriefing with Social Style Assessment validation discussed and explained

Our lobby and breakout rooms have space for your group’s use. The breakout room has complimentary coffee, water, and pop fountain with cups available to drink outside of the escape room. There are also tables, chairs, couches, a refrigerator, and lockers (with free locks) where valuables can be stored. You can have breakfast, lunch, or snacks brought in or catered with advance booking clearance.

Within 7 days after your Hysterium Escape Team Building event, we will send you:

  • A flash drive of the audio of our debriefing after the teams have attempted/completed their escape.
  • A Social Style Assessment report that includes each team member’s personality strengths as related to the Assessment.
  • A Written evaluation of each team’s progress in the escape experience.

Team-building activities can be invaluable for efficiency, and they help develop company culture, but only if they are done right. Why are real escape games good for a team-building activity?


For all these reasons and more, Hysterium Escapes can help you organize an unforgettable team building event. In just 60 minutes of intense game participation, players will not only enjoy themselves, they will also have their individual skills tested and enriched.

During the 60 minutes, players face all kinds of problems to figure out and solve. This requires not only brain power, but cooperation and good communication. Team members will need to share ideas and information, express themselves precisely, and listen to each other. In trying to solve the puzzles, players have to handle a variety of emotions and stay focused and calm in order to obtain the goal and unlock the final door. The one-hour time limit adds to the stress in solving the problems. Finally, at the end, participants may share a feeling of victory and discuss the intricate details long after the game has finished.

Note: You can book a specific room for your teams or the whole venue. Half-day or Full-day bookings are also available. For details, please contact us at

If you have questions or are ready to book your next corporate Team Process event, contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff.