This was our favorite escape room in FW. The secret agent room was very difficult and the first we haven't been able to beat.

Looking forward to bringing new friends here!

NOTE: Unless you purchase the entire Escape Room, your room is open to others. If the available seats are less than the room’s capacity the room is already partially booked. We encourage having fun with new friends.

Road Rally $20 per team

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Room Escape Fort Wayne, Hysterium Escapes is the newest escape game  in the area..


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We can report that all of our families or staff have been healthy and safe during the current times.  Now that the state of Indiana has started to relax the rules on businesses we contacted the agency that regulates and inspects ESCAPE ROOMS, the Indiana Fire Marshal Office in the Homeland Security Dept.

Per Indiana Fire Marshall:  All escape rooms must contact the Indiana State Fire Marshall Office and request an inpection to re-open. 

Every escape room in Indiana must do this. If you visit another escape room, ask them if they have been inspeted to open.  

Hysterium Escapes will wait several weeks because we don't think it is prudent or safe at this time soour room schedule will continue to be closed.  Until June 1 at present and we will be constantly evaluating the situation during that time.

When we re-open we will be utilizing the precautions recommended by the CDC and Indiana Dept of Health. Until then stay safe and wash your hands frequently.

Thank you and see you again soon!

4410 Arden Dr, Fort Wayne IN 46804                    Phone #  260-436-0213

This is so much fun!! The game master was very friendly and and his attitude and humor seemed to roll right along with our groups!

​He was professional and down to earth and because of my experience with him and the rooms, I will definitely be doing it again.... Many many times!

Are you looking for an exciting escape room in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Whether you are having an outing with friends or family, celebrating a special date, planning a team-building activity, or simply in need of a diversion from the doldrums of your workweek, Hysterium Escapes provides an unforgettable live-action gaming experience.

Time at our Fort Wayne escape room begins with us locking your group in a uniquely themed room for 60 minutes. During that short period of time, you must find the clues, solve the problem, and uncover the solution with friends or strangers. For a game night you will want to revisit again and again, we carefully design each of our escape rooms to be challenging, fun, and as authentic as possible. During the Halloween season, you will also discover that Hysterium Escapes shares a building with the Hysterium Haunted Asylum.

From thrilling escape rooms to a terrifying haunted house, you will find the fun you are looking for regardless of the season.

Escape Schedule suspended until August 10 !

I have tried all the other escape rooms in Fort Wayne, and this one is by far the best. John was fantastic, and his sense of humor was right up my alley.

​The Serial Killer room had a great atmosphere. I wish there were more "horror" themed rooms. I cannot wait to try the rest of them!