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We can report that all of our families or staff have been healthy and safe during current times. Now that the state of Indiana has started to relax the rules on businesses we contacted the agency that regulates and inspects ESCAPE ROOMS, the Indiana Fire Marshal Office in the Homeland Security Dept.

Per Indiana Fire Marshall: All escape rooms must contact the Indiana State Fire Marshall Office and request an inspection to re-open.

Every escape room in Indiana must do this. If you visit another escape room, ask them if they have been inspected to open.

Hysterium Escapes will wait several weeks because we don’t think it is prudent or safe at this time so our room schedule will continue to be closed. Until June 1 at present and we will be constantly evaluating the situation during that time.

When we re-open we will be utilizing the precautions recommended by the CDC and Indiana Dept of Health. Until then stay safe and wash your hands frequently.

Thank you and see you again soon!

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